About David

A life-long Fairfield resident, David M. Becker is a committed leader dedicated to improving the Town of Fairfield for all its residents and business owners.  He understands that we must slow spending and reduce the burden on our town residents by implementing a manageable and reasonable tax level.  He will work diligently to maintain existing key services in town by applying a long-term plan to fiscal management and governance that does not simply look for quick, short-term fixes.

Initially in November 2009, and again in 2011, David was elected to serve in Fairfield’s legislative branch of government, the Representative Town Meeting (RTM), and received the most votes among those also elected in his district.  During his tenure on the RTM, David served in various committee roles including as Secretary of the Finance Committee, on the Legislation and Administration committee, as Secretary of the Senior and Disabled Tax Relief Committee, and as Chairman of the Special Legislative Management Committee.  In November of 2013, David was elected to a six year term on Fairfield’s Board of Finance.

David was applauded early on for his campaign’s positive and grassroots approach through the use of social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to reach constituents.  He continues to regularly update his constituents directly through his own citizen-oriented website and use of social media.

Recognizing the role that Fairfield’s schools have had in his own life, David is committed to ensuring that all of our town’s schools remain centers of academic excellence.  He believes that we can properly fund our schools, while at the same time keeping taxes and our overall budget in check.  Spending hard-earned tax dollars where our children will benefit most, in receiving a solid education that prepares them to be productive members of our community, is a key focus. While this is not an easy task, it comes down to a firm grasp of existing spending and unwavering leadership.

As a Republican, David is always looking for ways to reach across the aisle and work in a bi-partisan fashion. David understands that our senior citizen residents do not have school-aged children but deserve equal representation from their elected officials; therefore, he has continued to work in a bi-partisan fashion to provide increased tax relief for seniors.  This has been an especially important issue for David, and he was proud to have served on the RTM’s Senior and Disabled Tax Relief Committee during the 2009-11 term to bring about an expanded tax relief ordinance in town.  Moreover, during past budget debates, David has been recognized as a leading fiscal conservative in town.  In the FY2010 budget cycle, he and his colleagues proceeded with a then unprecedented line-by-line budget reduction for almost every department in town, ultimately resulting in tax savings of close to several hundred thousand dollars. In addition, David worked with his colleagues from both parties to secure a fully independent audit of our public school system and town government to identify operational inefficiencies.

Professionally, David spent the better part of the past decade as an executive at a Connecticut-based shipping logistics firm.  For the past several years, he held various management roles, including information technology, operations, and client services, with a wide-range of responsibilities including budgeting, developing new business, as well as hiring and developing personnel.  In addition, David is a founding member of a family-owned real estate investment, management, development, and property servicing firm based in Fairfield.

David is a firm believer that non-profit organizations play a vital role in keeping our community healthy and strong.  David currently works with several non-profits in town.  At the Southport Volunteer Fire Department, David has been a volunteer firefighter over the past decade.  He has served as president of the organization and is currently serving as a Lieutenant.  With a focus on our aging population and those in need in Fairfield, David currently serves on the board of Sullivan McKinney Elder Housing as its Treasurer.  Caring deeply about preserving and building upon the arts and culture in Fairfield, he also previously served on the board of directors of the Fairfield Arts Center and currently serves as the Assistant Treasurer of the Sasquanaug Association in the Village of Southport.

David and his wife Erica live in the Fairfield Center area in town with their daughter Shelby and family dog Bob.  Erica works in finance and commutes daily from Fairfield via the train.  Shelby is a recent addition to their family and was born in May 2012 and Bob is a former shelter dog that David and Erica adopted six years ago.

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